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Cleveland Public Library - Walz Campus

Project location

Cleveland, OH

Project phase

Community review

What's in the Works

Cleveland Public Library is working with Northwest Neighborhoods Community Development Organization to transform the corner of West 80th Street and Detroit Avenue into a vibrant new community hub. The proposed Walz Branch will be a library of the future serving the residents of a new senior housing complex and the entire neighborhood.


It is recommended that a new branch be built with an expansion of the current site. Partnering with the Northwest Neighborhoods Community Development Organization on a new mixed use building anchored by the library would provide the means to maintain and expand the site in an active development area where there are few lots available. A new branch would provide the level of flexibility and visibility that could not be achieved with the limitations of the current building with the goal being to expand it to accommodate the program of a Community Hub branch.

What's There Now

The site is currently a distressed multi-family apartment building scheduled for demolition as well as several parcels of vacant land.


The Walz branch is located on a small, steeply sloped site that necessitated a multi-level building. The two-story layout has created issues with accessibility and sight lines that could be mitigated, but not fully solved, by adding an elevator. The building’s location on the site, low profile and lack of transparency, has resulted in many area residents not even being aware of its existence. In addition to upgrades necessary to make the building accessible there are multiple significant maintenance issues that require attention if the building is to remain.

What's Happening Next

The project is in the design phase. Please check the timeline for upcoming events. We invite you to subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our comment section. At Cleveland Public Library, Our Future is Building. For more information on all projects, click here

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Public Benefits

Library Services

Cleveland Public Library is The People’s University, the center of learning for a diverse and inclusive community.


Cleveland Public Library is working to ensure that all our libraries are easily accessed. Bikers, drivers, walkers and riders will all experience a welcoming approach to their library branch.

Open Space

The proposed project will create a large green space including an outdoor reading area.

Pedestrian Streetscape

Cleveland Public Library's Walz Branch will include improvements to the corner of West 80th Street and Detroit Avenue to improve the pedestrian experience.


Cleveland Public Library's Walz Branch will be designed using sustainable practices


Cleveland Public Library is working with Greater Cleveland RTA to explore opportunities to enhance existing public transportation connections to and from the site.


Information & Plans

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